Feature scripts ready to rock:

Race to SM – A home-schooled tour guide gets caught up in a race between dueling rival pirate descendants for the lost sunken treasure of a fabled Spanish vessel.

Goonies go National Treasure


Highest Ransom – A trio of college stoners must sell, not smoke, ten-thousand dollars worth of marijuana in 24-hours to save their friend from the clutches of a sexually lethal drug Queenpin.

The Hangover gets Half-Baked


The Golden Shore – A framed ranch-hand in 1875 eludes the Marshall and his deputies by racing a gang of outlaws to an untapped gold mine on the Pacific Coast.

_____ in _____


Early Development: Aliens Vs. Surfers, Atlantis Rising, Light of the Son, Boardwalk Exchange, Beyond the Grid, Breaking Free, El Jardinero, Reunion Crashers, The Key to Ketosis (documentary), Oathsworn (franchise), Coast Buds (pilot),  etc…