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Many say a film isn’t worth shooting if the script isn’t ready. To the same paramount importance, even if you have the next Casablanca (see: The Essentials), nobody’s winning an Oscar if it’s not marketed it right. Having discovered the sheer volume of materials needed to promote one’s own work, particularly on social media, I’ve often found myself create platform-specific assets per project. // I always save such templates upon completion and hope they will serve you as well they have me… but without the hassle of looking up the exact pixel dimensions for each unique channel. The below templates are up to date with the latest specs as desired for use on today’s major social media profiles:


  • PSD assets:
    • IG square
    • IG grid (2×3)
    • YT thumbnail
    • YT end card (buttons, 3 versions)
    • YT banner
    • FB profile
    • FB cover
    • Premiere Pro… ???