Welcome to the National Press Club

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As many of you many know, I’m in DC for the summer. But for what, pray tell? Interning, as a capstone of the Syracuse University Masters in Broadcast & Digital Journalism program. While most of those dedicated aspiring journalists in my class were out chasing their stories in the record heat of our nation’s capital, I was holding down the fort inside the National Press Club. One of the primary projects I was appointed early on was creating a “video tour” of the Club. While our website is great, it doesn’t go justice to the 100+ years of Club and Journalism members and visitors see each day when they pass through. So, without further ado… The National Press Club.

  1. Karen Nagle says:

    This video tour of the National Press Club is great. The video does a great job of outlining the services that are offered to journalists. You did a great job producing this video for them. Congrats!!

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