We Came… We Screened… We Entertained.

Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Chasing the Dream, The Essentials


A huge THANK YOU!!! on behalf of the entire Essentials Cast & Crew to everyone who came out to support us during our Early Screenings Week. For those who couldn’t make it, Friday May 11th at the Cinema Theater in Rochester was a packed house and the general consensus was that we’ve got a pretty entertaining flick on our hands. Aside from laughs… and the occasional silence on a missed joke (nobody seems to remember Tommy Tutone, come on people)… we received some great constructive criticism to help us in this final month to tune it up before the film festival submissions begin. If you have any last thoughts, or want to share some of your favorite moments, then let’s hear it in the comments section below!

The lucky folks who came out to our Syracuse screening at the Palace Theatre were able to catch the galactic premiere of the trailer for RIT ’11 Adam Schonberg’s first feature… Nice Guys. Coming in 2012! I’m sure you all know his work, after all, he was the Director of Photography on Homecoming; my internal struggle of high school versus college physically manifested on-screen… check it out HERE!

And while I’m plugging films, there’s another feature from RIT ’10 Dan Sullivan currently in the works. He basically needs to raise $1,000 a day for the rest of the month… but he’s on track! Go ahead and take out that second home mortgage, because if he doesn’t raise the full amount needed, your donation won’t actually happen. But if he does… more movies!!! Check out his KickStarter page and help make it happen!

That’s all for now… stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more info on The Essentials progression and of the other films mentioned above… it’s gonna be a good year for them!

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