Two Weeks in Hollywood

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On my second day here I was given a private tour of Universal Studios.

Alright, I know it peaks early, but that pretty much covers it; my first two weeks in California. Since then I’ve basically been exploring the Greater Los Angeles Area, talking to scores (let’s bring that word back) of strangers, and slipping resumes into every place I can find that’ll take one. If they don’t accept my hard copy, I generally e-mail it to them regardless once I get back home.

Home… that’s a pretty loose term right now. Since the Pacific Ocean is about -40 degrees, the best surfing I have done thus far is from one couch to another. That BFA from RIT hasn’t landed me a job yet, but all of my local friends from Film School have been more than accommodating. SU’ers out here, if any of you are reading this… phone calls forthcoming 🙂

On Tuesday March 6th I hopped on a JetBlue airplane heading out of the very snowy Syracuse, made a pitstop at JFK, then woke up 6 hours later on the other side of the continent. I did get a glimpse of the Grand Canyon, although I’m not sure how. Definitely seemed like the pilot took a 20,000ft dive just to give us a better look because we were really close. But landing in Burbank and stepping off that plane… a sight that cannot be justified through text or pictures. Some people may call this place fake because of the Entertainment industry or it’s people (not to mention the thousands of trees that are all conveniently growing up right alongside the roads), but the landscape here is incredible. I didn’t have a smartphone or camera at the time to snap a picture, but one part of the area here is known as “The Valley” for a reason… it’s straight out of The Land Before Time. Must have been incredible to see this virgin land 200 years ago. Should you ever visit or make the move here yourself, fly into Burbank. You will not regret it.

I’m probably the one person in LA that doesn’t have a car, but honestly, it’s not that bad. Well, maybe once I land a job it will be something to worry about, but taking the time to walk around a city really helps you take it all in. And let me tell you, this place is HUGE. A different kind of huge from NYC though, as that’s basically a city that has grown straight up and into the sky. LA grew so fast it just went outward in every conceivable direction. While yes, it’s an incredible waste having to commute so far each day, there isn’t that feeling of all those concrete giants looking down on you. I may be a lot smaller out here than I would be there, in terms of population, but it doesn’t feel that way at all. This place is doable… give me 20 years.

That’s all for now. More updates as they come. If anyone’s out here that I haven’t called yet wants to meet up sometime then please let me know… I’m pretty flexible right now, haha. The job hunt continues and will do so until the end of April when I return to NY for The Essentials screenings in Rochester, Syracuse, and Little Falls. The first one will be at The Cinema in Rochester on 7:00pm Friday Night, May 11th. Details coming soon, but that’s the big date. May 11th. Tell your friends and family to come on out… this one won’t disappoint.

Today I actually got a resume into the hands of someone working for Michael Bay’s production company. Transformers 4 could end being being the best one after all… if they re-cast it right.

  1. Nestarlin says:

    I already invited all my friends from Syracuse and Rochester to see The Essentials, Can’t wait!

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