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After the Grand-daddy of all Murphy’s Law weeks (wherein if something can go wrong it most certainly will) The Essentials came home to screen it’s newly completed distribution cut at our Sort-Of-East-Coast Premiere in the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival!  This was no repeat of the same flick we test-screened back in Rochester, Syracuse and Little Falls nearly a year ago though… the film is now done.  Seriously this time.  Finished.  And it feels great.

Unfortunately, I must also report that the BNFF’s jury sent us home empty handed.  Not even a single one of their Honorable Mentions (1st & 2nd place awards in each of the festival’s ten unique categories) came home to Rochester’s very first action-comedy feature film.  Perhaps the biggest letdown of them all was losing the Cinematography Award to a ten-minute short film titled A Private Place, which can be viewed freely here.  Go ahead, see what we were up against.  My favorite scene picks up around 8:15.  The tension in these shots is simply electrifying.

Besides this glitch at the end, it was an absolutely incredible weekend and the festival was a great excuse to come home for.  We had a great turnout of the few dozen people that had truly been with our project from the start, through and through, since its inception two years back.  Plus I was long overdue for a mini-vacation.

I was almost granted a special surprise visit to NYC on my way over too, as I missed my connection in Newark, NJ by about ten minutes because of a storm delay, which ended up stranding me there overnight for an additional nine hours.  No free hotel room or future flight either, not when it’s Mother Nature’s fault.  Hand-outs only come when mechanical issues cause delays.  A necessary evil though, as I still had to actually finish the movie for the festival.  Stuck in Jersey all night with nothing but my hopes, dreams, hard drives and Bon Jovi.

Due to a lack of resources and certain hardware / software issues (good luck roasting Blu Rays on a Mac), the DVD screener wasn’t actually burned until Saturday morning around 10AM – two hours before showtime.  This reminds me of  the Homecoming premiere screening back on July 2nd, 2010, as I had made that screener DVD sometime around Noon when the showtime was later that night.  This new two hour record will be tough to break with the next movie though… so we’ll probably end up doing it live.

And now after months of contemplating and negotiating, I am proud to announce my aforementioned action-comedy feature The Essentials is on the market and up for grabs worldwide!  Bearcat Productions has partnered with Wonderphil Entertainment, based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, to handle our film’s sales and distribution across the globe.  Our first appearance was at the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market of the Far East in March.  Just last week it hit Cannes, France for their annual MIPTV tradeshow .  Up next on the marketplace calendar is actually right back in Cannes again, mid-May, for their world-renown festival of the same name. But no, calm down, we’re not “in” the Cannes Film Festival, per se. Just being sold there.

Working as an overnight dailies operator (on the digital equivalence of film development) for my first pilot season in Los Angeles has completely turned my life upside down thus far in 2013.  As already a night owl by nature, heading into work at 9:30pm and racing to hit the sack before sunrise has been right up my alley.  While I’d hoped to be doing work that was much more performance driven this season… like becoming the next Kosmo Kramer… the acting dream has been a tough one to mix in an ample amount of time for amongst all of this other quasi-related business. I’ve gotten a handful of call-backs already though, so things seem to be moving in the right direction.

In other news, I recently got a new road bike. Rides like a dream. Not paying for gas is the best feeling since the right to vote. I’m putting up 15-20 miles each day to work and back with ease because, for the first time in nearly ten years, I’m not riding a mountain bike that’s too small for me. But of course, I blew the back tire upon our maiden voyage. And then a few more times after that. Yesterday I’d planned on going into my old bike shop of employment in Santa Monica to get my tube replaced, but a double dose of jet lag really locked me down.

It was the busiest week and a half I’ve had since moving West just to get this movie finalized and ready for the festival, which for the most part was a tremendous success over the weekend. Once again, it couldn’t have been done without the scores of people involved, especially the few who stuck it out with me this long. I’m glad all of you who came to the screening liked what the project has finally become and it was great to see everyone again. Folks still longing to catch it on the big screen, I have some great news:

We’re screening next in NEW YORK CITY at the Anthology Film Archives in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday night, May 15th at 9:00! More info to come in the week ahead!


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