The Big Change

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Chasing the Dream


There’s a thrill that comes with living at the edge of your seat. While I’m not regularly parachuting in to make drug busts at the Mexican border or anything riveting like that, each day here comes with a fair amount of unpredictability. Not sure if it’s more from starting over or just the overall nature of the business I’m trying to pursue.

For the first time in a while I’m actually falling into a routine, but still waking up and wondering what to expect next. Bikes are a good way to get the blood flowing early, only until lunch though, because I’m now interning with Principal Media, a major worldwide distributor of TV programming. Best of all… most of their new shows are 3D! I’m not sure how long it will take 3D to catch on mainstream, nor to what extent it truly can, but I think it’s appropriately ironic that I would land my first gig in such a place after obsessing over 3D for a solid two years… now that I’m actually sort of “over it”. Nevertheless, the distribution realm of this business is probably the one I know least about, so it’s a good place to get familiar with as I’m still relatively fresh-off-the-boat.

I’ve also begun Editing my next feature film, Neshima, which is pretty much Lord of the Rings meets Xena: Warrior Princess. We’re gunning for a 12-21-12 premiere (yep, getting one last movie done by then… just in case) so I’ve hit the ground running. Produced by a San Diego-based team, this is probably the first major project I’ve had to cut that isn’t “my own”, leaving me a clean slate to start from. My favorite expression from the world of Journalism is the need to “kill your babies”, something that a lot of Writers and Artists of all kinds have a hard time doing, especially after investing so much time and personal energy into a work.

This leads me into the titular big change: After six long, prosperous years with Final Cut Pro… I am officially moving on. Definitely feels like a break-up, but without any of the exciting emotional rollercoaster that typically follows (at least for now, I’ll probably cry during our first Export). My high school fling was with Sony Vegas, the lady that hooked me as an Editor early on. College was a great time to expand the mind and horizons, one of which was inevitably my NLE (non-linear editor) of choice. All good things must come to an end though, so Final Cut… as good as she’s been… is history. Not just for me, either.

Apple’s canonization of their software is well known, the icing on the cake with Final Cut Pro X, the Studio suite killer… infamously selling-out to appease the millions of iPhoners over the thousands of loyal professionals who’ve been following them far longer. FCP and I have always had a pretty open relationship; I knew she was seeing some other people (and every once in a while I would fire up Vegas when I was on a PC that had it), but never quite like this. Sure, we’ll have a few more one-nighters together, maybe another Essentials trailer, but now… Adobe Premiere Pro 6. 


Filmmakers worldwide might feel a little betrayed, but hey! Now with FCP-X, Grandma can add titles to the video from her iPhone, turn it red, and upload to YouTube. Huzzah! A lament for our time together.

But I’ve found someone new… and she’s a beauty.

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