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– Digital Nomad
– Beat Reporter (Tech, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Living, Travel)
– Videographer
– Editor
– Writer

     Year of the Tablet,  3/22/11:

     Winter at 120MPH,  2/15/11:

     Character Profile – Jim Toepper,  4/20/11:

     Record Snowfall Opens Peak Early, 12/9/10:


Over the Summer of 2011 I interned with the National Press Club in Washington DC.  I was a sought after candidate from my Graduate class at Syracuse University because of my deep background with shooting video and editing, as members of the Club had long-time hoped for some type of visual web presence, more than just your typical website.  This Video Tour was one of my independent projects with them that summer:

And it is proudly displayed on their website HERE!

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