Into The West
The First-Ever User-Generated Cross-Country Roadtrip Documentary Online
IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Promo – June 7, 2011

America the Masterpiece, as I liked to think of it, has yet to happen. Ultimately it was just impossible to simultaneously finish grad school, pre-produce The Essentials, and raise the $7,000 I’d figured it would take to do this vision justice… not to mention all the delays that would then come from production and post. America’s not going anywhere, but The Essentials was the biggest professional opportunity I’d ever been given and immediately took precedence over my daydream roadtrip… but I’ll still try to make it happen before Indy 5.


The Speech That Never Was
As usual, I was robbed of my glory.
Newhouse Convocation – May 14, 2011

More to come… whenever it happens.

  1. Aunt Sandy says:

    Legend still in the making. We are waiting breathlessly for its arrival. We know it will be memorable.

  2. brian fediuk says:

    check out Kickstarter.com, you could probably get it funded entirely.

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