It’s Never Wrong To Book Flight

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Less than a week from my birthday this summer, I’d finally looked forward to “throwing a dart at the map and going”, as I’ve always said I’ll do one year… as I was born on …



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While it may come as no surprise to those already aware of my supreme athletic prowess, it is still a point of pride to proclaim following one’s first surf: I GOT UP! After getting a …


Summer Today, Gone Tomorrow

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If there’s one thing I miss about being an unemployed student in the northeast, it’s having a better sense of time. ¬†Unregulated by this new climate, or any kind of academic calendar for the first …


Going to the Oscars

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If this town has one thing more than actors, it’s cops. Not the best scenario when you’re hoping to casually stroll into entertainment’s biggest night of the year with nothing more than a handshake and …