Summer Today, Gone Tomorrow

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If there’s one thing I miss about being an unemployed student in the northeast, it’s having a better sense of time.  Unregulated by this new climate, or any kind of academic calendar for the first time in my life, it’s been hard to feel the end of one season and the onset of another.  I’m a little reluctant to even call them seasons out here, but sure enough, another has come to an end.

Summer began with everyone’s favorite: job hunting.  I found myself working temp on a web news show in Glendale, which meant waking up each day at 4:30am and biking half way over a mountain (Wilshire / La Brea up and over Los Feliz toward the Americana).  Coasting down the east side was the highlight each morning, especially when beating the red light to the freeway onramp at the bottom.  I knew this gig would be short-lived though, especially after meeting a childhood hero of mine during the third day on the job.  While that could have meant full speed ahead for good times and prosperity, something deep inside told me the work here had peaked very early.  My only regret was not having a 6-pack waiting for him after the interview.

It was nice to dip back into the news waters for a short while, getting to dust off that ol’ BDJ degree.  Soon enough though, I was once again searching for that white whale of an Agency Assistant position.  The general impression that I’d gotten from just about everyone in the entertainment industry is that putting in a few years behind a desk as someone’s assistant (typically at a talent or literary agency) is one of those first crucial steps you take to start climbing the ladder.  High stress, low pay, wild egos…  sounded a lot like pledging.  I’d already done that back in college though, so while I knew it would be doable, it’s not exactly something you look forward to.  So I kept my eyes open for work in Post-Production (editing), which had always been a strong suit of mine since the early days of high school.  Sure enough, after another two weeks of intermittent interviews, one of the facilities finally called back.

Exactly one year to the day of re-locating to Los Angeles, I landed my first full-time industry position. I’m currently working as an AVID Editor for Roundabout Entertainment, located in Burbank (aka Post Central).  While a lot of the big deals go down in the swanky glass buildings of Beverly Hills, once the shows and movies are finished and ready to air, they must always first pass through a facility like this. We are the gatekeepers of the entertainment industry!

My line of work, specifically, is with shows going into syndication; which is when they become successful enough to leave their original channel and are basically up for sale to the rest of them.  It’s already been a great exposure to a side of the business I’d never seen before and a chance to work on some of my favorite shows in recent years.  If Breaking Bad eventually comes our way, I might just lose all sense of composure.  But make no mistake about it… watching Glee for a month straight can begin tipping the scales of sanity against you.  I will save further Roundabout stories for later on down the line, as there are sure to be many from the sheer amount of hours I’ve been putting in there this summer. ‘Tis the season for overtime.

I hit the big 25 this summer, as well.  One quarter down, seven to go.  Part of me hoped this would finally mark my maiden journey to Las Vegas, but that trip would not be done justice on my current budget, so the anticipation will continue to build.  Instead of Sin City, I was able to get a bunch of friends into Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, the members-only club with the finest magicians in town.  Being the aficionado that I am of sleights and card tricks, this was one of the most fun nights I’d had in a long time.

A few weeks later, the entire Nagle gang came out to visit for our annual end-of-summer family vacation.  We’re all beach bums at heart, so spending a weekend at the shore was exactly the kind of thing we’d typically done on our northeastern vacations, but instead this time on the west side.

Updates to the site have been slow this summer, basically non-existent, for a few reasons, the biggest being this new job and the unforeseen months of 60+ hour weeks.  Because of the annoying commute I faced each morning, again needing to bike over a mountain, I ended up moving up into a house in North Hollywood.  It was a pretty sweet set-up, as I basically had the guest quarters to myself, sleeping about 15 feet away from a full-size in-ground pool.  I had a few nights of perfect peace and tranquility, swimming there quietly, with the stars and a palm tree in my same view.  The weather isn’t always perfect here though, despite what the songs may tell you, so as that (relatively) nippy weather of autumn started to breeze in, I was outta there.

I’ve laid anchor in a part of Los Angeles known as Studio City, about half a mile west of Universal. A good central location, giving me a six mile bike ride into work each morning, walking distance from a gym and supermarket, with the madness of Hollywood just one Metro stop away. It’s been a pretty hectic summer, probably a whole year for that matter, but now I’m fairly certain that I’ll be able to fall into a normal routine and start laying a real foundation out here… dare I say, relax.

Then again, AFM is less than six weeks away and I need to pound out another feature-length script to do the rounds there with.  Hopefully learn some Spanish.  I even played beach volleyball for the first time the other day, and wasn’t terrible, so I might try to work that into my weekly routine.  Another season has begun…


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