Stuck in Traffic

Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Life in SoCal


Having been living in LA for a while now, I’m starting to figure the place out. I know which beach is where, what everything on the In & Out secret menu is, who lurks on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood at night. Most importantly: I know the amount of time it’ll take to get somewhere on highways instead of freeways. Since arriving it’s mostly been a Bike & Bus lifestyle for me, so until recently I had never personally driven during rush hour. What a difference that hour can make… and let me tell you, it’s never just an hour.

It seems like every single car in existence is here and everyone’s going in the same direction at the same time. If people live at the beach, they work inland. If they live inland, they work at the beach. I really wish we could have all coordinated this a little bit better from the beginning and life would be a LOT easier each day. Everyone back home… please get it right when the Upstate NY boom finally happens.

Freeways. Ha. That’s a cute way of putting it. I wouldn’t normally recommend texting while driving, but in this kind of traffic I could probably fingerpaint a modern art masterpiece on my front windshield and still wouldn’t miss a beat. Guess where I’m writing this blog from?

You’re not waiting for traffic while just driving, either. As pedestrians we always wait… patiently… at a red crosslight. It’ll be 2am, with not a car in sight, but if that orange hand is there we are NOT going to cross. Meanwhile, back in the south side of Syracuse, a dozen live action Frogger games are being played simultaneously on every street. The place is one city-wide game of musical chairs. Nobody stands there and waits for the light, that’s just silly. A mere formality of the traffic system. Do they even have them? I honestly can’t remember if it was a city-wide thing or only on a select few. Regardless… out here we are hamsters.

Posts have been slow on this site lately, but only because things have been pretty busy everywhere else. Big updates ahead, I’m just stuck in traffic right now.

  1. Matteo blanc says:

    I read ur blog pretty often and really enjoy it. LA traffic is for the birds, I remember it taking me a half an hour to get to work and two and a half hours to get home. Web the side streets were backed up!
    FYI DC is just as bad.

    • Nagle says:

      Yeah, I did last summer in DC, it was a good exposure to the brutality of serious traffic. Coming from a town with no stop lights to the car capitol of the world was a big change, but makes for a good talking point.

      I do miss the mad dash onto and off subways, since most people here are moving about half the speed of smell, but it’s been easy to get used to. A bike is actually faster than a car here at rush hour, which is nice when it’s not a day to go in all suited up.

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