Still Going Strong

Posted by on Oct 3, 2011 in The Essentials


At the end of August, our cast and crew had two glorious weeks of “wake up, drive to location, film a scene, pack up, drive to another…” and all was right with the world.

Present Day. Mother Nature has decide to rain on our parade for about a month straight. Its slowed us down… but not stopped. Far from it. The forecast is (supposedly) clear for the next week, so let’s hope Rochester can dispel it’s awful weather reputation long enough for us to at least wrap exteriors.

SPEAKING OF WHICH!!! One night in the week ahead (likely Wednesday) we’ll be filming at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, NY… a world renown mansion and property; our crowning jewel in The Essentials  line-up of incredible locations. We’ll need some Bodyguards, so if you can pass as ex-military and want to play with a machine gun, this is the one to come out for! Contact me ASAP!!!

But if you’re simply content with just sitting there and reading, here’s a few more stills from the scenes we’ve continued to check off our list. Stay tuned!

Oh, and I’m getting back surgery. At 23 years old. Sweet.

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