SOPA WARS: Episode II – The Internet Strikes Back

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For those out of the loop on the latest scuttlebutt to hit the Web… we’re going down for twelve hours tomorrow, 8AM EST – 8PM EST.

THIS IS WHY. Click here to watch a three minute video explaining how the Entertainment Industry could conceivably end Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and anything else that features User-Generated content or submissions.

The largest Internet protest in history is upon us. While thousands of active sites will still remain online, the point will be made very clear to our Congress: DO NOT PASS the Stop Online Piracy Act or the Protect Intellectual Property (not Internet Protocol) Act. These cleverly named bills are being hailed by many as “The Death of Free Speech Online”. For millions in this country and perhaps billions across the world… online is the platform of free speech.

Are we spreading fact or fear? History will decide. While I don’t think the government would actually wait for a bill to pass to carry out their deepest (or darkest!) intents… neither should we celebrate it by potentially sacrificing any part of the single greatest communications tool we’ve ever had, at least not to the Entertainment Industry.

Care to see how deep this rabbit hole goes? You can find out all there is to know by heading over to It’ll hand you all the ammo you need to give Congress a piece of your mind tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s the day. Since a lot of the Internet is taking the day off, you should too. Why not? If you can manage to avoid plugging back in for an entire day… well… you’ll just feel good about it. See you then.

UPDATE: Apparently we did it… SOPA and PIPA are dead as disco! I really didn’t see that one coming and am pleasantly surprised. Let’s hope they aren’t reincarnated somewhere else too soon in SOPA WARS: Episode III – The Wrath of Congress.

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