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Despite two months of rain, dozens of locations (scattered across Rochester, Syracuse, Little Falls, Dolgeville, Washington DC, and Niagara Falls), over half of our sets with little more than a skeleton crew, even the possibility of some broken bones (verdict is still out on that one)… I can honestly say that we are borderline finished. A few exterior shots and one brief interior scene remain for the first week of January, but the other 83 pages have been beautifully shot and are slicing together quite nicely.

At this point we’re getting the “big cut”, as I call it, out to the various members of our Post-Production team and potential composers. For a 50-minute cut (guessing 87min final) with no sound work, musical score, or visual effects… it’s not too shabby. The premiere date is starting to look a little bit closer to early February. The Promo campaigning kicks off in January as well, so if you have a friend/brother/uncle/former roommate that happens to Anchor the 5 o’clock News or is in some position that can reach a large base of people on a regular basis, it’ll soon be time to ask for that shout-out to help spread the word. The premiere theater(s) in Rochester have not been definitively secured just yet, but we’re narrowing the search. Dryden at the Eastman House wants $5 Grand for a Sunday matinee. Good one, George.

So while it would be an outright lie to say that we are totally wrapped, enough has been completed and is currently scheduled to finish, now to the point that we won’t have to make any sacrifices or cut corners that would compromise the story or the integrity of the film. Back in September I’d posted “Phase 2 Complete” and, honestly, that didn’t mean much more than summer was over. We had a solid 30+ pages remaining. Even since the Teaser Trailer we’ve landed some unpredictable spots and incredible production value.

Thank You to my large and wildly talented cast who’ve stuck with this since that first script reading back in May. And an even bigger thanks to the crew, few as you are, who’ve been involved much longer… this couldn’t be happening without you.

Happy Holidays. Does anyone else have Back Surgery on their Christmas List? I can’t wait to get mine tomorrow.

  1. John Sindoni says:

    You are the BEST and sometimes it takes more time to be the BEST. That is why not everyone can be the BEST. Keep up the GREAT work I and can’t wait to see the finished product of BLOOD SWEAT and TEARS.

  2. Steve Chatterton says:

    Don’t forget the deal you made with GPD!
    Good luck with your movie.

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