Feature Length Screenplays

The Race to San Miguel  (2014)  2nd Draft
A home-schooled tour guide gets caught up in a race between a gang of pirate descendants for the lost, sunken treasure of the fabled San Miguel.
o  It’s The Goonies go National Treasure

Highest Ransom  (2014)  2nd Draft
Three college stoners must sell ten-thousand dollars worth of marijuana in twenty-four hours to save their friend, held at ransom, from a sexually lethal drug queenpin.
o  As if The Hangover got Half-Baked

Commander-In-Law  (2013)  Development
After losing re-election, a widowed ex-President has only one person he can turn to in an attempt to reclaim a normal life and get back in the game: his daughter’s feisty new boyfriend, a law-school dropout.

Light of the Son  (2012)  Development
A young, interplanetary space agent fights to help preserve a bright future for mankind, but in reality… to find his long lost father.
o  It’s like The Lion King in space.

The Essentials  (2010)  3rd Draft
Produced by Bearcat Productions in 2011
A burnt-out American ex-spy recruits a young protege to help him take down an elite Canadian druglord, who plans to smuggle a new substance into society through maple syrup.
o  It’s like Men In Black, but instead of aliens… Canadians!

The Golden Shore  (2009) 3rd Draft
In 1785, a wayward ranch-hand is framed for murder and must evade arrest by racing a notorious gang of outlaws to an untapped gold mine on the Pacific Coast.


Short-Form Screenplays

Greasy Acres: Pilot  (2012)  2nd Draft
After a respected burger joint loses their veteran cook, the restaurant staff needs to find someone else in their small town who can flip burgers accordingly while dealing with the worst summer opening day in history.

Maple Conspiracy Syrup  (2011)  1st Draft
Produced at the Lake Placid 24-Hour Film Festival in 2011
An irate Health Inspector strives to shut down sugar production in an imaginary mountain town, despite their obsessed with maple syrup.

Homecoming  (2010)  4th Draft
Produced by Bearcat Productions in 2011
An aging high-school Football Coach must turn the team around mid-season to stop the dastardly Principal and Board of Education from disbanding school’s program.

Lisa  (2009)  2nd Draft
An unlucky college upperclassmen turns to a rambunctious friend to help him land a date with the girl of his dreams and avoid their pesky, cock-blocking landlord.

The Wrong Guy  (2008)  2nd Draft
Produced by Bearcat Productions in 2008
A young Waiter is mistaken for an assassin that has just taken out the local mob boss’ only son.

Extra Luggage  (2007)  2nd Draft
Produced by Bearcat Productions in 2007
A new businessman in town finds a dead body in the trunk of his rental car, who bares an eery resemblance to him.

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