One Year in Hollywood

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Today marks my 1-Year Anniversary of Moving to Los Angeles.  Early on, I set three standard goals for myself to accomplish during the first twelve months out here, so let’s see how I did:


  1. Get a CarFAIL – However, I do have a pretty sweet road bike that hasn’t tried to kill me yet (unlike many of the abhorred drivers here). It’s kind of like having a convertible, but I burn calories while driving.  I cannot endorse this lifestyle enough.  I will gladly trade it for any of your actual convertibles out here, though.
  2. Sign an AgentDRAW – While I’m really working toward that Best Picture Oscar, I wouldn’t mind Best Actor along the way.  Yet I’ve seen first hand through some friends, the way to the top of that ladder is no breeze. While I still land a few quick auditions each month, the acting dream remains somewhat on the back burner.  However, since I recently signed my first feature film to a foreign sales representative, that will have to suffice.
  3. Produce SomethingPASS – Let me introduce to you KayBe, my favorite little Nashvillian (as in her hometown… she’s not some southern evildoer) who takes center stage for my very first music video! “You Turn Me On Like a Radio” drops later this month. My work on the project is complete, so we’re now waiting on the final mix of the song and color correction. Stay tuned!

That makes for an even split, so I guess I’ll just have to hang around here for another year and see what happens.  The past month was a pretty wild one, which is why I’ve been inactive on this blog, so I’m just going to unleash some of my recent anecdotes in no particular order.

After submitting my headshot and reel to a commercial gig, I was complimented by the Casting Director and she asked if it was okay for her to pass my material to “an executive a few rungs up the ladder”.  A few days later I was at Sunset & Gower Studios with the current President of a well-known film franchise from over the years, now re-branding and re-organizing themselves for future releases.  I’d been called in as a recruit for their newly formed improv comedy classes, as they’re essentially trying to form their own next generation Go-To Comedy Troupe for future works, ideally feature films.  Who knows… but after two classes of weekly improv, I’m kicking myself for not pursuing such over the years.  It’s probably the most raw fun I’ve had since moving here.

For the past few weeks, I’d been getting up at 4am to bike 12 miles, over the hill, to freelance in Glendale each morning as a Digital News Producer at Ora TV’s Newsbreaker, a recent start-up Web show.  I knew the job had peaked early though, right when I met one of my all-time childhood heroes during my second week there.  Most people are probably familiar with Larry King, the world renown interviewer from CNN, who has now gone online exclusive with his latest talk show.  Meeting Larry was cool, but that paled in comparison to the first guest I saw him bring on.

Fans of professional wrestling or pop culture at the turn of the millenium will surely recognize the name ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, which almost made me faint when I heard he was showing up one afternoon after our lunch break.  I had an hour to try and compose myself, but to no avail.  I don’t get starstruck out here, as I’ve met a few celebrities, but this time I was like an 8th grade girl at an ‘Nsync concert.  I was able for formulate a few sentences and carry on a short conversation, but the experience was surreal.  He was a regular guy, word-for-word as he carried himself on TV each week.  I gave him my Essentials business card with a direct link to the trailer and attempted to suggest that we should work together in the future, as he’s an actor now… I wasn’t suggesting fight, although taking a Stunner would have made it 100x better. In hindsight, I really should have picked up a 12-pack during lunch to have a cold one waiting for him after the show. Next time…

One more quickie: I was at the gym in Hollywood last week when the fire alarm started going off.  Nobody reacted.  Not a single flinch.  For the first minute there wasn’t even an acknowledgement of it happening, but it kept on wailing.  Eventually people started to joke around about priorities and getting their pump on, which I think pretty much sums this town up.  After fifteen minutes the alarm finished and we could all hear our music again.  Only six bodybuilders were completely engulfed in flames.

The Dream is still alive! The Essentials has been accepted into The Indie Gathering: International Film Festival! Screening August 18th in Hudson, Ohio! Good times ahead in the corn belt. Details coming soon! 

To bring this blog full circle, I think there would be nothing more appropriate than to publicly set my goals for Year 2. So after fifteen solid seconds of brainstorming, here they are:

  1. Sign Acting Agents – No technicalities this time.  Commercial & Theatrical… Hosting is bonus.
  2. Full-Time Salaried Industry Work – Freelance and Temp jobs are great, except when they’re not.
  3. Trigger Ready for the Next Feature – Last week I hit an important milestone for the next movie: I flawlessly pitched the logline to strangers.  And it was awesome.  Now I just need to write the script, raise a hundred thousand dollars, recruit an A-List actor, secure overseas locations, find a pirate ship and learn to speak Spanish.   If you would like to be involved in production, this is an appropriate time to say so.  Filming begins in one year.


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