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Coming off big award wins at the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival hardly more than month prior, The Essentials was back on the big screen this week to reel in some new fans at the New York International Film Festival: LA Edition. Held back and forth between our coastal metropolises, this fest began in the early 90’s with a fair share of big names passing through. Time to add a few more to that list.

Wednesday marked the beginning with a Red Carpet Opening Night shindig at Club Confidential in Beverly Hills, during which the many of the winners from NYIFF‘s last outing were formally awarded. The club was absolutely packed and it went strong for a few hours as more kept coming in. We have yet to be told who the new winners of this current festival are, but we certainly had a presence at the time (as NYIFF is held multiple times each year, ingeniously giving the festival committee a legitimate draw to bring in a lot of returning guests).

The next night we screened in the Pickford Theater at Raleigh Studios. They had an even bigger room available on the other end, but we got bumped down as the other film was an LA-based project and they had a pretty solid turnout for it. I’d told myself I would sneak out and watch some of the competition, but our own audience had a lot of new faces and I didn’t want to miss reactions for key moments or specific one-liners. Small but responsive crowd. The fanbase is growing!

After the movie we hit up a nice bar in Hollywood with the password ‘spotty’ to get us inside. Our leading men Jim Toepper and Chris Barbis came to paint the town red and were greeted by some fans who’d seen them in nothing more than the film before. I was rollin’ deep with movie stars. It was a great place to meet a lot of new people. Unfortunately not even a follow-up e-mail is par for the course on a night like that, but who knows, I may have charmed someone.

As the festival continued into the weekend I was able to catch a few foreign films. Having nearly forgotten this was an international festival, it was refreshing to see something a little different. I was captivated by The Italian Key for it’s locations alone; that landscape is beautiful. Road trip is definitely in order.

Verdicts for festival awards are coming down the pipeline in next two weeks. I guess was to keep us all wondering with high hopes when we left, thinking it’ll help pack the house next time out. Fingers crossed… I wouldn’t mind getting called back in for a victory lap at that place. And an extra special Thank You to KYLEEN JAMES for getting us some great shots!  Check her out!

In other news, I’m heading out to work the graveyard shift at a necropolis. No kidding. My new job is night editing at a Post-Production house that is literally right next to a cemetery. Prepare for a good amount of cheesy work puns in future blogposts.

And last but certainly not least… we have just been accepted in to the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival 2013! Some of you may recall hearing similar news two years back when my senior thesis Homecoming was selected to show. Fest runs April 10-14, our screening time is still unannounced. For those of you who still haven’t caught it… here’s your chance!

Don’t miss The Essentials Official East-Coast Premiere! Some of you may remember seeing the rough cut it back in May 2012, but the film has been tremendously improved upon since then (regardless of whichever city or theater you first saw it in). This is the definitive, final cut… come see in theaters this spring!


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