Changing Seasons 10:20, 11

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I just pulled an all-nighter because the proverbial hamster was running especially fast this time. Need to leave for a film shoot in about an hour. Time to blog.

It was surprising to see not just a few leaves on the side of the road today, but an entire pile of them. Then numerous piles. I couldn’t believe we were here already. Never before have I so consciously noticed the swift change of seasons, or rather, the onset of fall (as it was pretty hard to miss the 3 feet of overnight snow in Syracuse back in December… or however much it was). One friend’s theory: Because its my first fall season outside of an academic setting (in which one’s focus is usually on everything else). But when you’re trying to make a movie and have green leaves… they really seem to come off quickly.

Academia; oh, how I almost miss thee. I’m counting down the days for your triumphant return to my life in the form of monthly student loan payment this spring. Not that I’m rooting for a long winter, but… yeah. And ya know the worst part about it? They begin in the same month that Mass Effect 3 is released. I’m screwed. Being a semi-retired gamer since entering college, I try to get one or two full games in each year. If I don’t finish ‘The Essentials’ by the end of 2011, blame Skyrim.

I’m listening to a pretty inspiring Pink Floyd song right now and I feel like making a bold claim. If I can repay all of my student loans before age 33 (ten years out, not a completely arbitrary number), I will return to college to cash in on my four years of football eligibility. Hopefully RIT can get a team together by that point, or I’m headed back to the Dome.

  1. Ian says:

    I’ll beat all the game before you and dont forget peace walker

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