New Year’s Revolution

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I’ll open with some clarification on the title; yes, it does intentionally say revolution.  I’m changing the way I update the site with my new posts.  May I introduce to you… THE VLOG!

Many have suggested that I start vlogging, or “video blogging”, but I’ve always had one or excuse or another not to do them.  Being a bit of a video snob, for the longest time I’d refused to do these until I had a legitimate DSLR camera to record myself with.  But hey, if you want the HD version of me, then come on over and get it.  From here on out, most new posts on this site will contain a supplemental vlog (for those too lazy to read the whole article), with posts coming out at least once a month.  I started to slack off in last year because work picked up heavily Suds2aover the summer, which meant I was hardly traveling or even getting out to the theater, started booking some last minute castings on various shoots, plus many late nights writing my next script for AFM… then all of a sudden the year was over.

I did finally make it down to San Diego though, a fun weekend that I never got around to writing about.  A Rochesterian friend and actor moved out west around the same time as I had, switching gears from law enforcement to his own pursuit of a similar dream in Tinseltown.  I got the chance to catch him in the Coronado Playhouse’s recent show, Suds, kind a Grease in the 60’s… and you know how I am about oldies rock ‘n roll.  Great show and weekend down there, of which I have many pictures and dozens throughout 2013 that I’ll eventually upload to their own album online, so check back soon!

One of the most frustrating things about the end of a year, at least to someone with my flavor of OCD, is having a fair amount of leftover business to attend.  Most aggravating of all is that my script still isn’t done, but I’m at the brink of finishing.  I’ve written about 120 pages so far, but the tone of the story has changed two or three times over along the way… for the KB shoot1abetter, one would hope… making me cut and revise a lot of the earlier content.  The “deleted scenes” from this first draft could make a hefty short film in itself; or if I am to somehow stumble upon an extra few million dollars along the way… an extended edition!

Some good news came at the end of the year, starting with my first music video getting accepted into the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival, a nice way to end the journey that began way back in the spring.   The release had been delayed because of repeated issues in the mixing of the final track, but in reflection, I think it turned out nicely despite the limited budget.  GIVE IT ANOTHER LOOK!!!  This girl’s gonna make it… you saw her here first!  Our team is looking to make one another in the months ahead, so if you’ve got some hot new tunes that could use a video, send them my way!

End of the year meant for my annual trip home to Upstate NY’s winter wonderland, aka Syracuse, where temperatures plummeted well below zero on a nightly basis.  I missed the 25th for the first cheerleaders1time in my 25 years, which took a bit of wind out of the holiday sails, but it was quickly restored when I arrived home and walked into a huge family gathering.  Almost the entire roster was in attendance, the largest turnout we’ve had in recent memory.

The actual traveling was a bit of a chore, going from Burbank to Denver to DC and finally up to Syracuse, but it all paid off when I got to fly with cheerleaders for the Denver Broncos!  Despite my New England allegiance, we got along just fine.  They were actually en route to Africa, of all places, for a U.S.O. type show.  I had the perfect talking point with them, because as of December 2013…


I’m standing on the fence of definitively booking some pretty cool plans for next month, but in fear of jinxing anything (see: The Death of a Dream), I must resist sharing the news for another week or so.  Check back soon!

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