Just Another Week in Paradise

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I’ve had that Phil Vassar song stuck in my head all week and had to get it out here somehow. Paradise might be a stretch, but so far so good. Monday kicked off with meeting a friend at Universal for lunch and swapping plans for each of our next projects. Let’s hope that you’ll get either zombie starlets, golds-seeking cowboys, or potentially both from the two of us over the course of the next two years. His first feature, A Girl, A Guy, and A Space Helmet can be found HERE! Don’t let the black and white throw you, it’s a funny flick that builds momentum and you’ll be hooked five minutes in.

After that, I was called into a Burbank studio for an on-camera audition to the show Excused. It’s an MTV-style dating show that airs in LA, NYC, some other big cities, but it’s not nationwide yet. Season 2 has begun filming and I was told to expect the call as contestant in the month ahead. My Journalism professors will be oh so proud of me. More info on that as it comes, fingers crossed.

On Tuesday, I learned Russian. Shortly thereafter a friend passed by the Santa Monica Bike Center (henceforth referred to as SMBC) with a friend of his, visiting from their hometown in New Hampshire (but not Courage… lol). Heck of a trip just to visit, I said, then he mentioned his recruitment to come do a stand-up comedy set at The Laugh Factory, a top venue in LA. So we got put on “The List” for Thursday night’s show.

On Wednesday, I learned Japanese. I LOVE TOURISTS.

Thursday night we hit Laugh Factory for a showcase of up-and-coming comedians, headlined by our own Nick Lavallee (check out his website). Well, he didn’t actually headline, but he definitely held his own in a sold-out show and set the bar for a bunch of great acts to follow. It was an awesome show and definitely got me itching to tell a few more jokes out here…

On Friday I had lunch with some LA Journalists, a Staff Writer for the LA Times and a J-School Professor at Long Beach College. Felt good to wake that part of the brain up again, if only for a short while. Getting my first paycheck in about 18 months  at the end of the day was a pretty good feeling too.

On Saturday a young, beautiful Russian woman showed up to SMBC to rent a bike. How convenient for me… I now speak Russian! After a few failed attempts at being cute, I found out she was a singer. And let me tell you, she really can… give her a listen! That night I went out with a friend to see The Expendables 2check out my review. Better yet, just go see it yourself. What a guilty pleasure.

Just this morning I went out with some friends for a hike, up the hill to Griffith Observatory. During our descent I realized it was finally time to take my mountain bike out onto an actual mountain. What a ride! I had a general idea as to where I wanted to go on my way out of Hollywood (location of my current couch for the week), but I opted out of using a GPS to find the base of the trail since LA is basically one massive tic-tac-toe game. I figured it would be a matter of go up, then over. Well, the city IS a huge grid, except one tiny area known as the Hollywood Hills… an indecipherable labyrinth of twists, turns, and hills (half of which are at a 60 degree incline, no exaggeration). After somehow escaping, I got my bearings and took the sensible route in. The northern LA area, known as The Valley, is isolated from the rest of the county by those big hills (as the locals call them, but these things are definitely small mountains). You’re essentially on one side of the city or the other at any given time. My goal was to reach a point that I could see Santa Monica and Burbank by simply turning my head. Again, apologies on behalf of all cellphones for the utter lack of camera technology, but this is the best panoramic picture I could put together:

Bikes continue to rule my life, one that I’m starting to like out here.

I’ll find a cool way to make that picture bigger and rotate, then will update this page soon. More pics to come as I develop my website with an appropriate subpage.


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    Nagle! Love the blog, its like im right there with ya. keep on keepin on

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