Homecoming – Now Available Online!

Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Chasing the Dream


As you can probably imagine, one dream of any independent filmmaker is to have their works distributed and available to the masses. While I’d love to continue carrying half a dozen of these DVDs around in person, hustling from one place to another; modern luxuries of the Internet, Wireless, “the Cloud”, etc… allows for unprecedented opportunities of limitless self-distribution for starving artists such as myself.

Besides just getting a kick out of finally throwing Homecoming up, this is a trial run at self-distribution online. One of our end-goals for The Essentials is some type of distribution deal, so after finally getting the push from fellow indie guerilla filmmaker Michael “DooWiTTle” Widger and his 2010 short film The End of Syracuse, NY… I decided it was time to finally unleash my film school thesis unto the internets.

So if ya haven’t seen it yet, give ‘er a look for only $2.99! Three bucks! At approximately 10 cents per minute (30-min runtime), I can guarantee it will entertain and enlighten from start to finish. Limited Edition DVDs are also available, autographed and ready to go! Think of it as the Filmmaker’s equivalence of a Rookie Card.

– Want to watch and help support me? Rent it.
– Really want to support me? Buy it on DVD for $9.99!
– Want to impress me? Find a way to pirate it… 😉

And since this was made in college, there is naturally a set of very important rules for those interested in playing along… can’t forget to stay hydrated!

  • Drink every time football is referenced
  • Chug for the duration each time all natural sound of the world drops out
  • Shot every time ‘Brendan Nagle’ is credited
  • HALF-TIME! Start over when finished for the Ultimate Homecoming Power Hour
And it’s just in time for Christmas, haha. THANK YOU for the continued support!!!

  1. […] The lucky folks who came out to our Syracuse screening at the Palace Theatre were able to catch the galactic premiere of the trailer for Adam Schonberg’s (RIT ’11) debut feature… Nice Guys. Coming in 2012! I’m sure you all know his work, after all, he was the Director of Photography on Homecoming; my internal struggle of high school versus college physically manifested on-screen. Check it out HERE! […]

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