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Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Chasing the Dream, Life in SoCal


If this town has one thing more than actors, it’s cops. Not the best scenario when you’re hoping to casually stroll into entertainment’s biggest night of the year with nothing more than a handshake and a smile. Nevertheless I gave it my best. However, phrases like “getting blacklisted” and “never working in this town again” made me reconsider the original plan of repelling down from atop the Dolby Theater.

Expecting to ultimately not get in, I went straight to Hollywood after work without stopping home to put the tuxedo (disguise) on. Let’s call it a casual Sunday. If the plan somehow worked and I was able to get in, wearing what I had on would have likely gotten some sort of attention, allowing a precious few seconds to plug myself before likely getting escorted off the premises. Probably out of the state.

I arrived at 3:00pm, right around the time when… no clue. They had that place locked down like a Royal Pope was knighting the U.S. President amidst a biohazard outbreak. Hollywood Blvd was shut down and gated off for about 6 streets, with lines of cars extending far beyond that.

There was no shortage of beautiful women with small dogs, either. Pet seems to be the new purse. After doing a few laps around the area, I figured it’d be best to cut my losses and head off to watch the show with the rest of the world. Argo winning wasn’t much of a shock; Hollywood loves Hollywood and apparently the White House does too. It deserves the praise and should hold up in the years ahead, assuming the Middle East remains in turmoil and Canada isn’t annexed into the union… pretty safe bets. My prediction percentage wasn’t terrible, but there are definitely a few big titles I have yet to see in the next few weeks.

Other highlights of my weekend included the discovery of dark chocolate Silk almondmilk, a nice house party with some friends from Courage, New Hampshire, waking up to the salutatory trumpet of a car funeral outside my apartment (yes, a car funeral… only in Hollywood…) in the middle of the night, then finally the announcement of our next screening:

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 13th at High Noon! It’ll be playing at the The Market Arcade Film & Arts Center in downtown Buffalo, NY. If you’re thinking of an overnight trip, look to stay in the Comfort Suites. Two blocks away from just about everything. Mention my name and the festival, who knows, you might get a discount.

The festival begins Wednesday afternoon and screenings will run through Saturday night. There will be plenty of other fiction features playing that day as well. Having screened there once already for Homecoming back in 2011, I can assure you all that there will be plenty of comfortable seats and a nice BIG SCREEN to watch it on.

And last but certainly not least, my old RIT wing-man John Theroux is campaigning on Kickstarter for his own next project up in Seattle. It’s a short film about a young businessman trapped in a bathroom with a crazy old man. What makes him crazy? He thinks the bathroom is Heaven! Or… is it?!

Check it out!!! And it’ll look gorgeous too, because Adam Schonberg, Cinematographer on Homecoming, will be behind the camera. Plus our place in mind has the Van Halen Guitar design. Oh baby.

Give the Kickstarter page a look and help us get the ball rolling!



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