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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Chasing the Dream, Movie Reviews


I’m a Grip on set of Courage, New Hampshire. Moving lights, tracks, various equipment, etc… reminds me of riding in the back seat of a car. Kind of more fun that way, in some respects. No stress, hanging out, getting to see how someone else handles the vehicle. Although, that lead foot is already getting heavy. Conveniently our 1st AD (Assistant Director) has flown to North Carolina for the week, so yours truly just got a promotion. I was going to say I’m now at least riding shotgun, but that’s more like the DP (Director of Photography). I’m the one hanging from the sun-roof looking out into the horizon. Speaking of which…

Horseback riding is a lot of fun. While I miss my old pets from back home (RIP Timba, 7/20/12), I definitely wish I could have had one of these while growing up. Signs continue to point toward the Western… even the trainer who took me out today had the same name as the lead female in the script.

I feel compelled to briefly share my SPOLIER-FREE thoughts on the biggest movie of the summer: Batman was awesome. 2008’s The Dark Knight is a masterpiece of modern cinema that didn’t warrant a sequel, so I went into this one with a hint of reluctance. I think most people are expecting another TDK, so if you haven’t seen Rises yet, drop that hope immediately. That is not to say it is inferior, it’s just a different movie thematically (and literally, as I suspect most people will seem to forget). TDK was about Batman squaring off against his arch-rival; Rises is about his return to form for one last challenge. Batman’s antagonist in this film is Bruce Wayne himself. I see Bane as more of a symbolic villain than a real character (although all good villains should be, to an extent), I mean, his name IS ‘bane’. Tough to have an actor wearing a mask, especially following Heath Ledger’s Joker. It works though, at least once you learn to discern his voice. Anne Hathaway was great, as I expected. Overall, a worthy conclusion. I have yet to receive the IMAX experience, but I will once returning from Middle-of-Nowhere, CA.

So, for the first time in my life, I’ll be gong to sleep tonight and thinking “tomorrow morning starts another week of work”. Not a bad feeling though, we’ve got a good crew:

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