Destiny Manifested Elsewhere

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in Chasing the Dream, The Essentials


The eve of launching my ‘Into The West’ crowdfunding campaign online, I went out to a Chinese restaurant in Syracuse. The fortune inside my cookie:

It’s tough to admit defeat… especially when you spend a year alone, overwhelming your mind with self-fulfilling prophecies and remaining blindly confident in plans so far ahead that you can only pretend to foresee. Those who’ve been following me this past year can probably guess I’m referring to my brainchild ‘Into the West’, the First Ever User-Generated Cross-Country Roadtrip Documentary Online. Unfortunately, even after spending 6 weeks in Washington DC this summer, I couldn’t raise a fraction of the necessary amount to fully bring this idea to life. I was a little preoccupied.

Jim Toepper made an interesting point to me earlier this week: the day we’d decided to greenlight ‘The Essentials’ was actually the very same afternoon leading into the night of my infamous tree fall, from what I spent two weeks in the hospital recovering, in which I spent most of my time Googling and virtually visiting all of the places in the world I’d rather be than in that hospital bed. Incident aside, by this point I was starting to realize the westward move in my life was inevitable, so I honed my search down to the 50 Nifty. One month later, I had convinced myself that I was going to be the YouTube generation’s Charles Kuralt, and in one year’s time I would be laid back on some beach in southern California, congratulating myself for revolutionizing travelogues online.

However, I’m still kickin’ it up here in the R-O-C (or the Roc, or whatever we call it). ‘The Essentials’ is looking like it’ll premiere around the end of December, so I get another taste of that nor’easter snow. For those of you who were looking forward to my roadtrip movies online every night, I must thank you for your continued support. You’re not totally out of luck though, as I’m still moving out to Los Angeles once this flick is all said and done (if you’re a friend of mine out there now and reading this… I hope your couch is ready) and will still be documenting the abbreviated trip across our country, in one entertaining capacity or another. But it won’t quite be America the Masterpiece… not yet.

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