TRUMPBUSTERS: How Hillary Can Save America

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If the election were tomorrow, Trump wins. This is reflected in nationwide polls and a comparative look at both party conventions. Last week in Cleveland it was routinely went from a full-blown madhouse of rabid …


SOPA WARS: Episode II – The Internet Strikes Back

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For those out of the loop on the latest scuttlebutt to hit the Web… we’re going down for twelve hours tomorrow, 8AM EST – 8PM EST. THIS IS WHY. Click here to watch a three …


Out With the Old, In With the New

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I hope everyone’s holidays were happy and that we’re all off to another great year. In the busiest of my life thus far, it wasn’t how fast it went by that got me this time, …


Changing Seasons 10:20, 11

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I just pulled an all-nighter because the proverbial hamster was running especially fast this time. Need to leave for a film shoot in about an hour. Time to blog. It was surprising to see not …


Welcome to the National Press Club

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As many of you many know, I’m in DC for the summer. But for what, pray tell? Interning, as a capstone of the Syracuse University Masters in Broadcast & Digital Journalism program. While most of those …


Check These Out!

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I’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately and handing those business cards out like candy, so if you surfed on over here to see what I can do, please don’t let this relatively …


Duke Nukem Forever is On Sale

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June 16, 2011 11:00pm Words that millions thought they would never read. I raced home, barged through the door, and slid the case out of the GameStop bag… but then came to a sudden halt. …