Chasing the Dream


Bound for the Market

Posted by Nagle on November 4, 2012  /   No Comments

This week is the American Film Market in Santa Monica, the self-proclaimed heart of the global film industry. More than 400 distributors and one thousand production companies will be in attendance… the headcount may reach …


The Big Change

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There’s a thrill that comes with living at the edge of your seat. While I’m not regularly parachuting in to make drug busts at the Mexican border or anything riveting like that, each day here …


The Death of a Dream

Posted by Nagle on August 31, 2012  /   2 Comments

The human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts in a single day. We all wish to share our ideas with others, but only some take the steps necessary to turn those ideas into realities. Not all …


We Had a Big Day

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Call was at 7am, so we were up by 6 for breakfast at the hotel. But what about second breakfast? Thanks for asking, Pip, I was just about to get there. The next round of …


Getting A Grip

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I’m a Grip on set of Courage, New Hampshire. Moving lights, tracks, various equipment, etc… reminds me of riding in the back seat of a car. Kind of more fun that way, in some respects. …


We Came… We Screened… We Entertained.

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A huge THANK YOU!!! on behalf of the entire Essentials Cast & Crew to everyone who came out to support us during our Early Screenings Week. For those who couldn’t make it, Friday May 11th …


Homecoming – Now Available Online!

Posted by Nagle on December 15, 2011  /   1 Comment

As you can probably imagine, one dream of any independent filmmaker is to have their works distributed and available to the masses. While I’d love to continue carrying half a dozen of these DVDs around …


Destiny Manifested Elsewhere

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The eve of launching my ‘Into The West’ crowdfunding campaign online, I went out to a Chinese restaurant in Syracuse. The fortune inside my cookie: It’s tough to admit defeat… especially when you spend a …


‘Into the West’ online campaign is LIVE!!!

Posted by Nagle on June 10, 2011  /   No Comments

Folks, I’ll keep this brief, but check out the IndieGoGo page for ‘Into the West’… the first ever user-generated cross-country roadtrip documentary online. As far as this site goes, this is after a few days …