Bound for the Market

Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Chasing the Dream, The Essentials


This week is the American Film Market in Santa Monica, the self-proclaimed heart of the global film industry. More than 400 distributors and one thousand production companies will be in attendance… the headcount may reach five digits. After making movies for ten years, I’m finally headed out to try and sell one of them.

Ready for the new pitch? The Essentials is a brand new HD action-comedy feature that’s a lot like Men In Black, but instead of aliens… Canadians. It’s already had a limited theatrical release in three different cities back in New York and was really well received, I believe, to the very commercial feel it has. Half way through you’re not scratching your head over what this weird art house flick is about; you’re on the edge of your seat because our hero has the villain in his sniper rifle sights down at the golf course and a huge shootout is about to erupt. It’s got the pacing, structure, and attitude as the same kind of movie you’d see in theaters nowadays.

By this point I’ve hopefully charmed them and we’re off to the races. Four more days of madness ahead. This was a brief blogpost, simply because I’m already scrambling to prepare for Day 2, but I figured I’d share the news with everyone. Expect a longer, more detailed write-up of the event later this week once everything has settled down.

It’s time to T-C-B.

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