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B&B logo1“It’s never wrong to look right”… fitting words for the commercial campaign on a brand whose goal is to keep you looking good and feeling dapper, even if that’s just a nice finishing touch. Bedford & Broome, a NYC-based men’s fashion accessory brand, is here to help make that happen.

During my last trip home in July, one of the Co-Owners described their interest in putting together the inaugural web advertising campaign for the brand:  an entertaining “How-To-Tie-A-Tie” video featuring their products, but light-hearted and fun, in the vein of Old Space meets The Most Interesting Man in the World.  The evergreen nature of such an online video, plus the lack of any truly comedically intended material we could find on YouTube, I knew they were onto something.


30-sec Commercial Spot:  Although we came into the project with an exclusively web-usage mentality, a format on which videos are held to no true time or content restrictions, it seemed prudent to also produce a traditional commercial, one to promote the brand for any future opportunities elsewhere.


How to Tie a Necktie:  The idea that sparked the campaign, our heroic Mr. B is tending the bar, when a beautiful foreign girl is entranced by his immaculately tied necktie.  However does he tie it, “so per-fecty”?  Well, let him show you!


How to Tie a Bowtie:  Bars are fun for a scene, but if this were to be a true “campaign”, there would have to be some variety…. and nothing says production value like a one-hundred year old wooden yacht that’s docked less than a stone’s throw away from the World Trade Center.


Tying Instructionals:  No time for the fun stuff?  Just want the cold hard facts on how to tie the Four in Hand, Half Windsor, or the Big Kahuna (Windsor) itself?  The client wanted some standalone videos to serve just this purpose, so with the little help of some time ramping… here they are.  The videos are split up at Bedford & Broome’s website, but compiled here into one extend clip.


Bumpers / Vignettes:  Unsure of how their marketing & advertising plans would unfold in the months ahead, giving them some quick one-liners to tease the brand seemed like a nice cherry on top, in the same playful tone and attitude of the extended scenes. And it was kind of a no-brainer, especially with the talented Andy Striph quick to fire off some of our favorite zingers.


Executive Producers:  Nathan E. Coleman & James Brooks
Writer-Director-Editor:  Brendan Nagle
Director of Photography & Color Grading:  Aaron Gordon
Assistant Director:  Ciera Carhart
Assistant Camera:  Mark Davis
Grip / Gaffer:  Matt O’Neill
Boom Op & Sound:  Adam Chitayat
Production Assistants:  Brandon Snyder
Make-Up Artist:  Kaylan Wojcik
On-Set Photographer:  Ian Harmon, Kali Images

Produced by Brendan Nagle & Aaron Gordon

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