Going to the Oscars

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If this town has one thing more than actors, it’s cops. Not the best scenario when you’re hoping to casually stroll into entertainment’s biggest night of the year with nothing more than a handshake and …



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Coming off big award wins at the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival hardly more than month prior, The Essentials was back on the big screen this week to reel in some new fans at the …


Cloud Atlas – Review

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A few years back we all had our storytelling senses struck by Inception. Not necessarily a revolution in the structure of the medium, but simply the most clever narrative hook you could think of: Using …


The Essentials hits LA… again!

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Thursday night, 7:30pm January 31st at the Chapman Theater of Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA! That’s right, we’ve been accepted into our second film festival, the New York International Film Festival: LA Edition. The Red Carpet Opening …


Almost Brain Surgery

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My latest visit to the hospital resulted in successful surgery on the back of my head. Ye privileged few to have caressed my dome may recall a small bump near the neckline which, for the longest time, …


2013: The Mayans Were Wrong

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I begin writing this while flying First Class on US Airways from Charlotte, NC back to Los Angeles, CA. My earlier flight out of Syracuse was late, making me miss the connection to this one …


Merry Christmas!

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We had a lot of fun during production of The Essentials… time for the Bloopers!


The Hobbit: An Expected Journey – Review

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Let me preface this review by stating that Lord of the Rings is the single greatest achievement in the history of cinema. I don’t mean that’s my opinion, I mean because it successfully adapted one the highest …


We Won

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UPDATE: We also won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film! Maybe it wasn’t the Official winner, but hey, neither was Avatar. So for the updated list of awards we took home: – Best Director – …


The Essentials – Hollywood & Vine Film Festival

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Bad News: We were officially rejected from Sundance. Good News: THE ESSENTIALS screens Friday, December 7th at 12:45pm in LOS ANGELES as part of the HOLLYWOOD & VINE FILM FESTIVAL! Festival is being held in …