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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Life in SoCal


Quick update this time, I’ve had a busy few days. Good stuff forthcoming in the week ahead. I went back to Yucaipa, CA for two remaining shoot days of Courage, New Hampshire and then returned to the bikes in Santa Monica. Episode 4 will be premiering at the ArcLight in Pasadena on September 17th, so that gives all of my New York fans back home plenty of time to book your flights and hotel reservations (my close-up alone will be worth the trip).

On Saturday I helped a friend move into a condo in the Hollywood Hills, a really nice spot (just below the famous letters). It’s pretty toasty there in the summer though; living so close to the ocean these past few weeks and getting the breeze all day kind of makes me forget that summers here are actually hot. Really hot. We hit 106 degrees one day on-set this week, but its a different kind of heat from back in the Northeast. Relatively no humidity makes it much more bearable. Never know, I might just move to the desert… especially now that I know how to take on rattlesnakes (callback for the regulars on here).

I’ve left the couch in Culver City for one in Hollywood this week. Monday is the annual cattle call for new Universal Studios Tour Gudes, so you know I’ll be there. Select interviews on Thursday, verdicts shortly thereafter. Fingers crossed, could be a great gig.

Meanwhile, I have a new favorite fast food joint: Baja Fresh. While their burritos aren’t made on an assembly line for your eyes as Moe’s and Chipotle does… a lot of people out there shouldn’t be granted that type of infinite ammo on food anyway.

It should be noted that Californians put avocados on everything (that’s guacamole before it gets all guacked). They’re kind of a cross between potatoes and sour cream, incredibly healthy to boot. About the size of a pear (aka alligator pears) but with a huge seed in each center. Since the lovely chefs as Subway never give me the seeds to examine afterward, I had to go out and buy one myself. Kind of like the little pong ball inside of a Guiness can, I just want to chew on it (we all have our own weird ticks). The avocado was decent, but the seed tasted and felt like a bouncy ball. Looking back, I never actually tried to bounce it. Guess I’ll have to try another.

That’s all for now. I had an incredible feature story lined up for tonight on a girl I met this morning from New Zealand. She reached LA after traveling up the coast from Argentina and is heading for Canada. At the bus stop wearing a backpack, literally bigger than she was, so I had to ask. When my jaw immediately dropped, she explained this kind of solo adventure was fairly common for folks in NZ. I pitched her the idea for a story and she seemed excited, so I gave her my card and was waiting on a call back. Never came. Story of my life. So if you’re out there reading this, Mel… call me up and let’s hear your story!!!


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