Almost Brain Surgery

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in Life in SoCal


My latest visit to the hospital resulted in successful surgery on the back of my head. Ye privileged few to have caressed my dome may recall a small bump near the neckline which, for the longest time, I assumed to be nothing more than a mole. However, in the past month or so, it had basically grown to level of irritation and notable size that forced action. Cool as it would have been to dust off the old hatchet myself, I figured at least one plastic surgeon could be found in Hollywood.

Two days notice; that’s all it took. My first call set me up with an appointment, not for an examination, but straight into the cutting room to have it taken out. Plastic Surgery is like the Happy Meal of Beverly Hills, it’s unbelievable. However, because of sheer size of this attached fetal twin, I needed to see another surgeon later in the week, finally having it removed today (it was about the size of an M&M). Didn’t get to take home and frame it though, as growths of these nature are typically sent in for examination, likely to check metachlorian levels.

In other news, I have finally finished cutting (pun?) together my Film Editing Reel. For a quick tease of The Essentials, a look back at the someday cult classic Homecoming, plus an early peek at Neshima… be sure to check it out!


  1. John Sindoni says:

    EXCELLENT Reel Brendan. I’m sorry but I kept thinking that the ending would be from my scene ” I’m Hornier than a 3 pecker billy goat”. It might be a great ending to the reel. Just saying…..

  2. Nagle says:

    Yeah, it’s probably one of the funniest moments in my entire ten year filmography. I almost ended the trailer with it too, but I’m a huge believer in that art imitates life; others can sense that as well. One could interpret that closing line as me boisterously proclaiming to the world that I, the artist, am declaring my “excitement” through you, my character. In twenty years I can end a trailer with that, but not right now, it could cast an ill shadow on my image.

    HOWEVER, that whole scene is more-so an achievement in performances, so it will surely be on the inevitable Directing Reel. You are absolutely on fire with Jeff, start to finish.

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