October 2011


Lovely Day for a Showdown

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Changing Seasons 10:20, 11

Posted by Nagle on October 20, 2011  /   1 Comment

I just pulled an all-nighter because the proverbial hamster was running especially fast this time. Need to leave for a film shoot in about an hour. Time to blog. It was surprising to see not …


Destiny Manifested Elsewhere

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The eve of launching my ‘Into The West’ crowdfunding campaign online, I went out to a Chinese restaurant in Syracuse. The fortune inside my cookie: It’s tough to admit defeat… especially when you spend a …


Still Going Strong

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At the end of August, our cast and crew had two glorious weeks of “wake up, drive to location, film a scene, pack up, drive to another…” and all was right with the world. Present …